Benjamin Garage Doors

What can be more frustrating than a stuck garage door when you are getting late for work? No worries! Benjamin Garage door Service Company is here to give you full-fledged garage door services with just a phone call.

Our Services

Garage door maintenance every garage door needs a proper tune-up at least twice a year to ensure adequate working and smooth transitioning. Benjamin garage door has high-profile service technicians who provide top-notch servicing to your garage door that includes the testing of balance, replacing rollers, lubricating the movable parts and checking cables, etc., to guarantee you a grandly level of protection via your perfectly working garage door

Spring Repair

Every garage door has a heavy spring that helps pull and hold the door in its place. Installing or repairing a torsion spring in the garage door is a professional task that involves a lot of experience, the right tools, and techniques. Benjamin garage door has the specific set of skills to install a durable spring in your garage door that could last for a long time without malfunctioning.

Motor replacement

A garage door has an incorporated motor that lifts or releases the garage door by handling remote controls. If it has stopped working or there is any misalignment of the sensors, you must call on our trained and licensed professionals. We specialize in solving every garage door opener problem and have gained immense appreciation and support from our customers in providing the most trustworthy door opener services in town.

New installations

Benjamin garage doors services have huge expertise in fixing and installing every make and model of garage door with supreme efficiency and dedicated efforts. Improper installation of garage doors can create a hazardous situation; it can also destroy your door’s automatic system. Therefore, always choose wisely before handing over your installation work to any garage door professionals. We pride ourselves in fixing a balanced and smooth garage door on any residential or commercial territory.

Why Choose Us ?

Benjamin Garage door service is a well-established garage door maintenance, repair, and installation service provider. We provide the most reliable service to our customers and have built a reputation for quality, trustworthiness, and total customer satisfaction. Our service is adaptable and customized to meet your demands and requirements.

Our work ethic insists on the highest quality of installation, maintenance, service, and expertise that assures comfort, knowledge, and assurance of having a contractor who will take responsibility for every stage of development and installation of garage doors with almost each make and model. We are a

Company built on the latest standards, using the latest supplies to carry out our work efficiently and to very high standards. We know the importance of your safety and how crucial it is to have a door that can't be bypassed. Benjamin garage doors service owns the pride of installing a high-quality and perfectly secured gate that moves smoothly and gives you the surety of ultimate robustness that can never be broken down.

Benjamin garage doors facilitate the customers with some of the outstanding qualities which urge our customers to come back again.

We offer instant and on-time emergency services 24 hours daily to cater to your emergency needs.

We offer free consultations and estimates to help you choose an immaculate garage door.

We provide one year warranty on all types of work; we will rectify any fault within this period for free.

About Us

When you encounter a garage door problem, do you have a repair company you can trust to fix or replace your garage door? Let us become your first choice for your area’s best garage door repair company. Benjamin garage door Service Company has a team of garage door repairmen who specialize in repairing, maintaining, installing, and replacing all types of garage doors with all the latest tools and equipment that can meet delinquent security standards with high-class efficiency and effortless working.

Benjamin garage doors is a family-owned company based in Saint Paul, Minnesota, fully bonded, licensed, and insured. Our experienced team can handle the repair and installation of all the garage springs, remotes, and openers that are new to the industry. We always prefer our customer satisfaction with unbeatable prices and quality materials that can last many years without even a slight malfunction.

We are responsible for providing our workers with the latest hardware to make them work effortlessly. We specially train them to use those tools satisfactorily to gain maximum benefit. We offer you the most genuine and honest on-call guidance for any query and 24/7 emergency service. We work 24 hours daily to help you in any emergency and provide the desired comfort and protection within your home. Our mission is to make every house in Saint Paul, safe and secure from every outsider and other elements. Moreover, we aim to protect your vehicles and make you carefree while giving effortless garage doors that work even with a finger flicker.

Contact Us

Get yourself the reliability and security you deserve by calling Benjamin Garage door to fulfill all your garage door needs. We are also available in the evenings & weekends. Call us at (651) 362-8811 anytime you have an issue with your garage door. We’ll fix it at a time that is suitable for you. Moreover, we can test the product to ensure everything works properly without intricacies.